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Training - Full Body w/ SHading & Simple BG
Beau Broomstick Derby Entry by RimrockRanchEC
Rebellion by RimrockRanchEC
Speedy - Halter Entry by RimrockRanchEC
One fullbody image of your horse in your choice of discipline with or without handler at your discretion. Simple BG with or without sky. Price is discounted for the holidays.

Please note me with questions, I'll be happy to answer.
First come, first serve. Will inform you when your piece is being started.

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The Wedding by RimrockRanchEC
The Wedding
So, I know it's not HARPG related, but I figured some of my close friends on here might like to see a piece of my wedding.
My amazing wife, Sha, and I, shortly after the ceremony.
Bringing Brego Home by RimrockRanchEC
Bringing Brego Home
:star: So, this is very very very incredibly late.. BUT! It's here. I know I'm super behind in the competition, and at this point that's fine with me just as long as I dont lose my boy. I absolutely LOVE him. 
:bulletgreen: Story At Bottom :bulletgreen:

Introductory Image
Name: RR The BoneYard
ID: #19
Called: Brego (means Brave)
Age: 3 years
Gender: stallion
Height: will reach 15hh
Breed: Kaimanawa Mustang
Color:  Wild Bay (EE/A+a)
Personality:  This guy is cheeky. He's immature and still learning but he has no respect for people and enjoys his space. He likes to push boundaries, even if it gets him in trouble - like trying to steal older stallions' mares. Just because he's young, it won't be easy to convince him a haynet is better than freedom.
Discipline: Cross Country

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RR The BoneYard
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Short Story
Beth couldn't believe it. She had been waiting for her chance to participate in the Kiamanawa Challenge for at least three years, and now she was finally going to do it. She had sent in her application as soon as they opened and crossed her fingers until the day the letter came in the mail with the response. She was accepted. Rimrock Ranch had been accepted into the challenge. She scanned the letter eagerly, then carefully set it aside and looked at the other papers enclosed. Information about their charge. The application had allowed for two picks, you're favorite, and a second favorite in case the first had already been claimed. Beth had looked each horse over carefully, finding out as much as she could about each one. In the end, she had chosen and sent them in. Her first pick had been claimed, but now, holding the papers to her very own Kiwi-Stang, as they had been affectionately dubbed in tribute to an earlier success. The young woman scanned the papers for her stallion. He was young, one of the youngest ever, if not the youngest. Everything about him sounded like a challenge. His attitude. His age. You could see just looking at him, he wasn't going to be easy to tame. Beth wasn't daunted.
Now it was time to bring him home.
She pulled into the parking lot a few days later and found a place to park among all the other competitors. The parking lot was packed with cars, and as she walked toward the still-closed gate separating her and the others from their futures, the space only got tighter. The air was thick with anticipation, and dust from the nervous horses. What seemed like hours passed, and then suddenly handlers came toward the gates from the other side. Metal clanked and squealed against itself, and then it was time. The crowd rushed forward eagerly, some, like Beth, clutching the information papers they had received tightly in their hands as they scanned the pens for their prized mustangs. Beth ignored those around her for the most part,only paying attention to them when glaring at incompetent people straying into her path. She knew right where to look for her stallion. He was number 19. He would be toward the middle, and based on his attitude, he would probably be separated for his own sake. Just as she suspected, she found him in the middle. He had been kept with a few others, but someone had managed to corner him off by himself with a few green panels. As she spotted him, Beth couldnt help but smile. He was standing near the make-shift fence, head low. His expression looked irritated. Whenever one of the others would walk toward him, his ears would go back and his tail would flick in annoyed fashion. Beth peered between the fence rails at him, watching his every move carefully. His papers were still clutched in her hand, but they were crumpled and forgotten.
"Here we go." She said softly.
Well, I might just get that cream dilute horse I'm always after. :P
I got an offer to trade my little Jynx for a real pretty palomino yearling filly. I haven't decided yet, but I may go for it. After all, my wife wont be able to ride him for a few years yet, and she seems to have her eyes on a buckskin gelding a couple hours away. :P
UPDATE: Well, the people I was buying from got pretty attached to that little cremello baby, sooo, they offered me a trade. Now I am the proud owner of an absolutely AMAZING 2 year old chestnut stud. He's a doll. I just got him halter broke, and now we're working on all the fun ground stuffs xD I have named him RREC Crimson Majesty, but we just call him Maj or Mr. Stud (He doesn't act like a stud hardly at all, he just carries himself very proudly and he knows hes a sexy beast :P )
They also threw into the deal a beautiful, albeit very thin, rescue mare and her foal. Momma is a dark bay and she's beautiful. Haven't gentled her yet, I'm just letting her settle in, put some weight on, and take care of her baby. She's extremely skinny :( Poor momma. But she's slowly coming along and putting weight on. Her name is RREC Belle of the Spring Rain (AKA Rain) because I got them home at like 10 PM in the pouring rain and she was having a blast playing in it xD
And finally, the one you all probably want to hear about. RREC Joke's On You aka Jynx. He's a doll. My lord he is just precious. He's a chestnut, super friendly. He'll be 2 months old in 2 days :) I've got him halter broke now, he lowers his head, picks up his feet, stands tied for short periods, leads... Oh he's just wonderful. Next we're going to teach him to load in the trailer and stand to be bathed. By the time he's weaned he'll already be completely ground broke at the rate he's going. He's so smart! And willing!
As of right now, I've decided not to geld Jynx or Maj, though that could change. I'm going to see how Maj acts once he's a full stud (his testies haven't dropped yet, but they're starting to) and go from there. If he stays as well mannered and respectful as he is right now, I'm going to keep him as a stud for my future breeding plans because I absolutely love his color and presence and if he does as well as I think he will when I start competing on him, then he'll make a great stud. He may be the one to get RREC into the public eye :P
As for Jynx, I'm waiting to decide his fate until my fiancé makes up her mind. As of right now, the plan is to keep him as her future partner. His being gelded will depend on how Maj does as a stallion and whether or not I geld him. And of course, in the future, the way he acts as a stud if I do geld Maj. The plan is to hopefully keep one of them as a breeding prospect.
Momma Rain will most likely be gentled and started, then sold. I just haven't bonded with her the way I hoped, and in fact I really only got her because of Jynx and the fact that she was so skinny. In truth, she looks so much like a mare that belonged to someone very close to me, that I no longer talk to, that looking at her tends to just hurt me and it's not fair to her for me to keep her when she can go on to a home with someone who will love her and adore her like she deserves. She's a wonderful mare, really. I wish I had more of a connection to her.
AAAAAnyways though, that's what I've been up to. I don't have wifi for my laptop, otherwise I would be uploading art like I should be. Hopefully I'll get wifi soon.(Like, before I lose my Kiwistang, because I've drawn her soooo much!! Grrrr..)
I miss you all so much! If you want to get ahold of me, please e-mail me!
Much love from myself, my wife, and all of my lovely fur-babies.
Oh, also, if anyone wants a puppy and lives in NM, let me know? I have one left. He's a massive cuddler. Walmart made us leave before he found a home :P


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United States
Hey everyone! So, here's the low down on me.

- I am female.
- I am 19 years old.
- I love horses, cats, and dogs.
- I hate snakes, spiders, and any other creepy crawly.
- I draw in my free time, and do so at my own pace.
- I am currently single, but not in the least available. Though we are no longer together, my Joker still holds my heart and always will.

That about sums me up, but I'm always open for conversations and making new friends. I talk a lot, and I tend to get somewhat annoying. Consider yourselves warned.

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- etc.

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